Hannah and Maggie have a sound both familiar and inviting, with voices that harmonize together perfectly... The duo have developed a sound of flowing and intertwined instrumental lines, sharp lyrics and beautiful harmonies that stay true to their folk roots.
Jessica Liley, Curve Magazine
An ethereal blend of two voices... so exquisite, it’s almost unbearable.
Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live NYC
Their acoustic harmonies are warm, sweet and solid... There’s a palpable sincerity to this music.
Theresa Flanagan, In Your Speakers
Hannah & Maggie produce acoustic songs embellished with the occasional mandolin, clarinet and trumpet, marked by sweet, effortless-sounding harmonies.
Mary Dickie, IN Toronto Magazine
The girls’ voices blend beautifully and effortlessly shift from soft and sweet to gravelly and fierce to add further punch to powerful, weighty lyrics.
Bianca Mascheretti, The Deli NYC
They have definitely honed their voices to showcase the perfect harmonization... you instantly notice how well their voices mesh together.
JP's Music Blog
There are some wonderful production values on In the Company Of Strangers.
John Platt, WFUV radio
Every song glows; they all mirror the profound embodiment of singing from the heart.
The Charger Bulletin
Hannah & Maggie have solidified themselves as role models within the LGBTQ community.
Country Music Tattle Tale
Their... second album, Muscle & Bone, offers wonderfully image-filled songwriting, angelic harmonies and musical warmth that is difficult to describe but wonderful to experience.
Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World Blog
The reality is that Hannah & Maggie are so much better than the typical vaginarock that floats around lesbian circles... and they’re also really, really cute.
Freaking awesome man! These two remind me of the female version of Simon and Garfunkel!
Michael Angel, Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag Podcast
The harmonies are beautiful and they definitely have that certain something.
Ed's Mixed Bag Podcast
With sweet vocals and amazing harmonies... this folk duo will melt your heart!
Indie Outbreak Podcast
There’s something beautifully familiar about the sound of ‘Fine Being Here’, it feels comforting, almost homely... perfect for relaxing to on warm, summer days and there’s a mesmerising quality to their harmonious voices.