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The Northeast folk-pop artists Hannah & Maggie recently released their 2017 full-length album, Oh No. Three years in the making, and produced with an ensemble of studio musicians, the collection of 14 original tracks reflects new strength and complexity in the music and in the bonds of the duo whose prismatic harmonies and songwriting have been compared to the Indigo Girls and Simon & Garfunkel.

Over the course of three previous albums — Fine Being Here (2011), Muscle & Bone (2012), and In the Company of Strangers (2014) — Hannah & Maggie's prolific writing has worn a footpath to that portal between home and the hinterlands of the soul. The particulars of kitchens and bedrooms, the road, and the errands and moments of common life reveal much of the human condition. Witness “The Land & The Sea”; “Burlington, VT”; “Muscle & Bone”; “Field on Fire”; “Nightingale." A listen to the full H&M canon suggests far-ranging influences including Stephen Sondheim, Joni Mitchell, John Steinbeck, James Taylor, Leonard Bernstein, the high and lonesome harmonies of mountain thirds, an architect’s obsession with domestic structures, unpredictable weather systems, modern mythology, seasons, crops, the East Village, the freewheeling chord progressions of punk music, a long and complicated history with incoming flights, and the open road.

The camaraderie between Maggie Kraus and Hannah Hickok, who met in Smith College’s legendary a cappella group, the Smiffenpoofs, and who live now in Northampton, MA, and Queens, NY, respectively, is a road-tested friendship; its manifestation in song and shared history is one of the great draws of the duo’s live show. With the split light of like-sister harmonies, and in the borderless, unassuming singing of each other’s narratives, Hannah & Maggie's work expands into a sort of common, encompassing narrative. 

Since they began touring together in 2010, Hannah & Maggie have shared the stage with Hurray For The Riff Raff, Dar Williams, Ben Taylor, and Danielle Ate the Sandwich. They’ve been featured in Curve Magazine and were named two of the “100 Women We Love” by GO Magazine. In 2012, the duo won the Connecticut Folk Festival Songwriting contest; in 2013, H&M placed as national finalists in the Mountain Stage New Song Contest. Hannah & Maggie have been called, by a California promoter who hosted them ”a flawless continuation of the singer-songwriter tradition.”