Hannah & Maggie are an award-winning folk-pop duo from NYC/Northampton, MA. Commended as "the blue-eyed soul of folk" and "a flawless continuation of the singer-songwriter tradition," they’re most often compared to The Indigo Girls and Simon & Garfunkel. On May 19th, they’ll release their fourth studio album ‘Oh No’ to a rapidly growing and spectacularly enthusiastic fan base. ‘Oh No’ is a project several years in the making which pieces together the anecdotes and allegories of a few significant and untimely shifts in both their personal lives as well as the world around them. Since they began performing together in 2010, Hannah & Maggie have completed three national tours, sharing the stage with Hurray For The Riff Raff, Dar Williams, Ben Taylor, and Danielle Ate the Sandwich. They’ve been featured in Curve Magazine and were named one of the “100 Women We Love” by Go Magazine. Their live shows are toe-tapping, knee-slapping spectacles of crystal-clear harmonies and heartfelt acoustic arrangements that leave you wanting more. For all those interested in making your ears happy, look no further.

"A sound, both familiar and inviting, with voices that harmonize together perfectly." - Curve Magazine

"An ethereal blend of two voices... so exquisite, it’s almost unbearable." - Acoustic Live, NYC